Overwhelmed with a Cyber Security Insurance Audit? How will you comply with all of their requirements?

Contact us today and we will show you how our recently launched Cyber Security Initiative has been designed to help organizations such as yours not only comply with insurance requirements but will also help control the costs of your insurance.

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Through experience and knowledge we use technology to simplify cyber insurance compliance.

Cyber Security Initiative allows you to:

  • Continue business as usual without slowing down your daily operations
  • Have peace of mind knowing your organization is using best practices when it comes to cyber security
  • Implement an ongoing nonintrusive employee training platform to educate users how to prevent malicious parties from crippling and gaining access to your business critical assets.
  • Develop infrastructure built for business continuity and resiliency
  • Keep Cyber Insurance costs affordable
  • Improve and ensure availability to network resources and data.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a security technology that requires multiple methods of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify a user’s identity for a login or other transaction. Most cyber insurance …Read more


Endpoint Detection and Response

Cyber Insurance providers are requiring not only their clients have a valid AV/updated solution but the solution must have detection and response components included. If one of your endpoints becomes infected how is it detected …Read more


Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Business continuity is an organization’s ability to maintain essential functions during and after a disaster has occurred. Although having good data backups is a component of a good BCP it is merely one of the puzzle. Cyber Insurance …Read more


Security as a Service (SECaaS)

Having a firewall deployed is a good measure to take in protecting your business critical data. Once you have it in place what policies are in place to make sure it is updated with the most current firmware? A firewall is only as good as the latest …Read more


Vulnerability Scans

Periodic vulnerability scans will show an organization where better security measures need to be taken. Cyber Insurance providers like to see their clients performing periodic vulnerability scans rather than jus taking the Ostrich approach to potential security holes. Performing …Read more


Employee Vulnerability Training (EVT)

The weakest link to any organizations security is found within its employees. One cleverly created email to an unsuspecting employee can open up your organization to a world of chaos and trouble that will have an everlasting effect …Read more



A cybersecurity system that monitors your network can detect suspicious events and provide alerts to help eliminate threats before sensitive data is stolen or corrupted. Log monitoring is one of the most important ways to learn about potential threats and discover events that …Read more

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Why Choose Capital Data Service, Inc.?

  1. We are experienced with Government operations: We have supported local governments for over 20 years and have developed relationships with the different software providers that support each different department within your organization. We act as a liaison between you and your software provider allowing you to focus on serving your community.
  2. We understand the complexity of government networks: With so many departments and each department having their own set of needs creates quite a complex network with complex security. Capital Data Service has certified and experienced network engineers and security experts on staff to make sure each department has the resources needed to perform their duties while maintaining the security of your organization’s data.
  3. Response time: Capital Data Service responds to you within 15 minutes of you notifying us of a problem. Many times an engineer is able to immediately start working remotely on your issue at the moment you call in. If you are under our Open Umbrella agreement and have not been responded to within 15 minutes we will give you the next month of service at no charge.
  4. Our incentive is more uptime: Other IT vendors will bill you for a block of time or by the hour. That means the more problems you have, the more money they make. With our unique approach, our incentive is to make sure you have fewer issues. In fact, we’ve structured our entire company so that when you have computer problems, it costs us money. And that’s the way it should be!
  5. We help you budget for IT support costs: Our Open Umbrella program allows you to budget for what you will spend on IT support each year. This program is invoiced monthly and will not increase for any reason over the course of your budget year. With other IT vendors you might as well grab a number out of the sky to put in your budget because you really have no idea what you will spend on IT support.
  6. One throat to choke: We support Windows, Linux and even IBM iSeries (AS400). This gives you one IT support company to deal with and eliminates finger pointing when there are problems. If something on your network is causing an issue it is our responsibility and we own it.
  7. No long term contracts: Many companies lock you into a long term agreement. Whether you like them or not, you’re stuck with them. OUR GUARANTEE is if you are not 100% happy with our service simply give us a 30 day notice and we will help make plans to transfer your services to another company of your choice.
  8. We believe in documentation: Do you feel you are held over a barrel by your current IT provider because who knows what you actually have and who has the usernames and passwords for each piece of your IT investment? When you bring us on we document your entire network in detail and we document each devices username and password. We then give you a copy and we keep record of it in our system. If there are changes to usernames or passwords we make those changes, document them in our system and if you ever need them all you need to do is ask and we provide them to you. That is your information and not ours to hold as ransom.
  9. Unlimited IT consultation: We act as your full time IT consultant. This can help your organization in areas such as developing a disaster recovery plan, determining Cloud feasibility or VoIP feasibility.
  10. Customer Service Oriented: To join our team a person must prove themselves to be customer service oriented. We continually strive to rise above the stereotypical IT persona by being engaging and friendly from the first moment you contact us. Our goal is for our clients to have an enjoyable experience when it comes to IT.

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